Tarrytown Kitchen

The homeowner’s style is classic with a contemporary twist. They desired a design that is open to interpretation and preferred to ignore any rules and create a timeless transitional space that is unique and well suited to their personality and lifestyle. Blending all the elements of old and new is always a challenge as it’s hard to define. Fortunately, in this case it works and the impression is a space that is on the move. Specifically, the style details from the past, but there must be something new that makes it fresh and updated.

Transitional designs break away from the traditional design style rules by adding a modern element. The Face Grain, Iroko wood island adds a touch of creativity to create a flexible gathering place. The cabinetry design and finish is modern in shape yet blends modern innovation with classic design. To create a timeless design we mixed components from different eras and finishes, such as the contemporary stainless steel hardware, classic marble backsplash, distressed wood island and modern cabinetry.