Four Seasons 29

This home was designed for a philanthropic couple from New York who fell in love with the city and decided to live in Austin full time. Their apartment was designed to be a venue for their fundraising efforts for the causes they are passionate about.

The apartment is a reflection of the homeowner’s sophisticated taste. It is composed of rich textural surfaces, such as bronze and glass panels, hand-painted silk-papered ceilings, leather mosaic walls, floating wood walls, patterned wood floors, and fiery dimensional ceramic tile. Many of these details are custom and unique. The furnishings are a mix of pieces by local artisans, vintage pieces, funky finds, as well as many pieces designed by Cravotta Interiors. The art collection was also assembled by Cravotta Interiors and includes work by important early and mid-century artists.

2014 NARI National Winner
Entire House over $1,000,000

2014 NARI Regional COTY Awards
Entire House over $1,000,000